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At Kids Health Central, we're passionate about the importance of good parenting and raising strong and healthy children. We aim to keep you well informed with a diverse range of practical parenting information to assist you in raising your children in the early years, and beyond.

Nutrition and lifestyle play a big part in keeping children healthy physically, emotionally and intellectually, and so securing them a happy future. We will keep you updated and help you to navigate through this information, so you can make informed choices on what is the best for your children.



 Featured Products

PM KiddieCal- For Strong Bones in Growing Kids

Try these yummy strawberry milkshake flavoured chewable capsules today. Calcium formula made by patented technology.

We all know we need daily calcium intake for our bodies: for bone, muscle and nervous health. With our busy lifestyles - school, work, parenthood... it is not always possible to achieve this.  This tasty calcium formula in convenient chewable capsules, will help you and your family meet daily calcium requirements in your active lives. This formula also provides additional calcium required in growing children, pregnant & lactating women, post menopausal women and athletes. It also contains Vitamin K1 and D3 to enhance calcium absorption and balance.Click here to see the product profile

PM Kids Intelligent – For Healthy Development & Wellbeing

The nutrition we receive during childhood has a significant influence on our health and development throughout life. Eating a balanced diet is essential, but ensuring that children receive the necessary amounts of omega-3, acetyl l-carnitine, zinc and folic acid during the most crucial periods of their brain and neural development isn’t always easy. With all these ingredients, as well as bacopa monnieri to assist cognitive function and memory, PM Kids Intelligent is specially formulated to promote healthy development and wellbeing.

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PM Kids Intelligent

PM IQShield –  See Better. Think clearer. Feel Stronger.

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Give your brain, eyes, and immune system a boost! PM IQShield is a unique formulation containing natural fish oils for eye health and brain development, colostrum, with anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties to support the immune system, zinc for cellular and immune function, and iodine and B vitamins for eye health, energy production and neural function. Each of these ingredients has been scientifically validated, supporting the ongoing use of PM IQShield to enhance memory and concentration, assist vision, and stay healthy.                            

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 PM Kids Intelligent

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